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Grief Support


Spring Valley HospiceGrief is the profound sense of sadness and loss. People experience and work through their grief in many different ways, and Spring Valley Hospice is here to support you.

Many people experience shock, anger or denial. For some, it’s difficult to even concentrate or complete simple routines during a period of grieving. Some people need some time alone to deal with their feelings, while others find comfort in the company of friends and family, sharing stories.

In many ways, your natural reactions to grief are exactly what your mind, body and soul need to do. There is no timetable for grieving, and there are often ups and downs to the process, where you may have stretches of feeling completely normal interrupted by periods of intense emotion.

Taking care of yourself is important during the grieving process. Taking part in activities that you find meaningful, such as going to church and connecting with others can help you from becoming too isolated.

There may come a time when you need help in dealing with your grief. If you are feeling hopeless, lethargic for long periods or find yourself turning to drugs or alcohol to deal with your grief, then you should seek help, and Spring Valley Hospice is here for you.

Call Us–We’re Here to Help

We at Spring Valley Hospice are one of your biggest resources when it comes to dealing with grief. Throughout the hospice care process and through bereavement, we are here to support you and meet your emotional and spiritual needs. Call us at 662-890-5554 to discuss how we can help.

Additional Resources:
GriefShare is an organization that facilitates support groups for those dealing with the loss of a loved one. On the GriefShare site, you can learn more about groups that are currently meeting in your area, or even how to start a local group of your own. The site also contains excellent resources for dealing with grief including personal study, books, seminars and more.

From Grief to Glory
A wonderful article by Dr. James Coffield about his own grieving process over the loss of his father and how his faith helped him navigate his feelings of loss.