Spring Valley Hospice distinguishes itself by offering all four levels of care available within the Hospice Benefit. It is important to know which levels of care are available as you select hospice. Many hospices offer only routine Home Care and Respite. General Inpatient Care and Continuous Care require more resources and coordination. Hospices that provide all four levels of care have the best and most resources to care for those they serve.

In addition to these services, Spring Valley Hospice also offers Palliative Care, which can be provided alongside curative treatment and home health. Click here to learn more about our Palliative Community Resources

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Our Promise

We are clinically responsive. Spring Valley Hospice’s Standards and Expectations are consistently demonstrated to our patients, families, referral sources and community. When people are anxious, facing difficult news and circumstances we are responsive. We hear each week how this standard distinguishes our caring team.

When someone contacts us with an inquiry about hospice services, we immediately respond with a phone call and schedule a meeting time. This is such a difficult time for patients and families. Spring Valley Hospice is responsive so patients and their families know and feel they aren’t alone.

Spring Valley Hospice owns and maintains its own durable medical equipment. We are able to respond within hours and deliver needed equipment to the place where the patient calls home. We measure every after hours phone call and visit to ensure prompt and in-person response.

End of Life Care Credentialing for Professionals

Spring Valley Hospice is now offering learning sessions and End of Life Care skills validation for professional staff. This series of eight modules on hospice care and philosophy is suited for professionals who are coordinating care for hospice eligible patients at hospitals, nursing facilities, clinics, home health, home care agencies, or other provider service locations.

For more information about clinical education for your staff, call your Spring Valley Hospice representative. We offer eight core modules and six advanced modules to encourage community care team members and caregivers in understanding end-of-life care.

Goals for Holistic End of Life Care

  • Respond to all requests from potential patients and their families that need to learn about hospice within two hours of the call.
  • Provide comprehensive, compassionate care to patients and their families.
  • Commitment to prompt spiritual assessment offering hope and prayers from our entire care team.
  • Provide 13 months of bereavement services to assist families and loved ones in coping with grief and loss following a patient’s death.
  • Teach and encourage the use of Counseling / Communication approaches that can be used by the whole interdisciplinary team.
  • Utilize staffing models that ensure that even short-stay patients receive the holistic / interdisciplinary care promised.
  • Enable patients who wish to pass away in their home to avoid hospitalization by managing most conditions at home with prompt clinical intervention and caregiver coaching.
  • Provide 24/7 clinical responsiveness and track our responsiveness to each call for assistance that is received after business hours.
  • Provide Care Credentialing for Palliative Care & Advanced Illness Management to other types of healthcare professionals.
  • Observe religious diversity while providing pastoral and spiritual care to people of various beliefs and religions.


Join a group of truly amazing people in your community who are giving their time and talents to create better days for hospice patients and their families.

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To speak with a Registered Nurse about hospice services, locations, or to schedule an appointment, call the Clinical Responsiveness Center at (662) 890-5554.

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Spring Valley Hospice would be happy to speak with you and discuss our hospice services.

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Tribute of Life Foundation module

Comfort and peace on the end of life’s journey

tribute of life foundation

Facing the end of life can be hard. Facing it alone, in the absence of family, friends, financial resources and qualified caregivers, is even harder.

The Tribute of Life Foundation believes that everyone deserves to complete their journey in a warm, clean bed, surrounded by people who care deeply about meeting their medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. Through our 'No One is Alone' initiative, we are committed to funding two beds in the Comfort Care Center for people who could not afford it otherwise.

To learn more about the Foundation, or to partner with us financially, just click one of the buttons below.

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